• Pocket Repair
  • Snap Replacement
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Reflective Trim Replacement
  • Name Panels


  • Hook & Loop Replacement
  • Zipper Repair or Replacement
  • Tear and hole repair
  • Pant Cuff Repair or Replacement
  • Knee Pad Replacement


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Advanced Cleaning Services

•    Coat- outer shell and liner-----------------------------$25.00

•    Pants- outer shell and liner----------------------------$25.00

•    Full set- pants and coat---------------------------------$50.00

All of our cleaning equipment meets the standard set in NFPA 1851, 2014 edition,

And has been verified by Underwriters Laboratories. 

We use detergent that is PH balanced for fire gear fabric.

Our water temperature never exceeds 105 degrees.

The G-force of our gear washer spin cycle never exceeds 100.

The temperature of our gear dryer never exceeds 105 degrees.

Advanced Inspection Services

   Advanced Inspection, including trim reflectivity test and moisture barrier leak test

   Inspection classes for your department- let us help your department establish a yearly inspection program as recommended by NFPA 1851

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