A lifetime of understanding bunker gear and how it’s used.


Emergency Gear Repair was founded in late 2015 by Tim and Cheryl Baltz. Tim is a retired Tennessee firefighter with over 30 years on the job and understands bunker gear and how it’s used. Seeing a need in Tennessee for a company that cleans and repairs gear and because we both sew, we made the decision to start our company. Our mission is to do our best to honor our Lord and fellow Firefighters in our business, with our workmanship and through education about the NFPA standard 1851, 2014 edition. We are verified through Underwriters Laboratories, and our facility meets the standard for advanced cleaning, advanced inspection and advanced repairs.

     With the link between cancer and firefighters exposed to toxins and carcinogens, clean gear is one of the best ways to protect your firefighters. Also, with gear that’s maintained at near 100% you can give your firefighters the peace of mind that you are looking out for their health and safety.